Rezka Nayatama


The Characters Of Konjac Gum

There are various processes of Konjac application; certainly to have such high results of Konjac, good equipment, high regard human resource as well as good Konjac ingredients is needed. In the process of building our factory, we have taken all these measurables into place.

The application of Konjac itself has benefits for different types of industries, such as the pharmaceutical area, biotechnology area, fine chemical area and several other areas. There are several factors and characteristics of Konjac that make it easily applicable for different types of processing. 

Konjac Gum is a water-soluble colloid. A layer of viscous glycan solution makes Konjac Gum particles stick together after the diffusion and migration of water molecules that exceed the Glucomannan macromolecules.

Adding Konjac Gum solution to wheat flour can also increase the apparent gluten value of wheat flour. With the apparent gluten value of wheat flour and the water retention level of Konjac Gum it improves the adhesion and whipping properties of Konjac Gum solution.

It also contains good film-forming properties. The film-forming properties of Konjac Gum can be used for the production of microcapsule powder essence and powder oil. In addition, In gel food, the Konjac Glucomannan macromolecule can establish a network structure, and its water holding capacity is 30 to 150 times of the Konjac Gum itself.