Rezka Nayatama


Getting To Know Konjac

As we have mentioned the untapped benefit of Konjac, we want people to get to know Konjac more than the benefit of the plant itself. China has recorded 30 species of Konjac and there are 8 kinds of Konjac that can be used for both medicine and food. In Indonesia, the development of local Konjac for processing itself is quite promising to help accelerate the agricultural export commodity.

In terms of commodities, what we are more familiar with is the two types of Konjac which are Konjac Flour and Konjac Gum. The difference lay in the process. 

Konjac powder is a result of the tuber crushing process of the Konjac plant divided into ordinary, micronized and purified Konjac powder. The purified version of it is what we know as Konjac Gum or Konjac Glucomannan.

The difference also lies in its color where the powder is not very white it is mostly unclear. In comparison, Konjac Gum is white with 0 impurities. 

Konjac is mostly used as a gelling agent to process stabilized gel-based food, such as pasta, noodle, ready-to-serve food products, and jellies. Other than that, Konjac also acts as a stabilizer in bread, cake, meat produce, ice cream, drinks etc.