Rezka Nayatama


Empowering Local Economy

Through the manufacturing process of Glucomannan or Konjac Gum what we hope to achieve at the end of the process is not only sellable, high quality and rewarded products. What we also want is to be able to push a circular economy within the area, in this case Lombok. 

Lombok as an area relies heavily on plantations and agriculture as one of its main contributors to the local economy. Currently the sector focuses on coffee, coconut, vanilla, cotton, chocolate and tobacco processing.

Since 2009, the local government has accelerated the growth of plantations and the agricultural sector to increase production level. 

As the area itself has been through tough times especially in the midst of the pandemic, the realization of tourism sector unreliability became more pertinent. One of the ways to boost the economy is through a competitive agriculture sector that can support export commodities and this is where our company wants to put our big contribution. To achieve this, we hope to develop a process that will benefit not only us, the economy, local community but the earth and its commodities as well.