Rezka Nayatama


The Story of Our Factory

The journey of our factory and the business processes all start with seeing how opportunities and the market have opened up to healthier lifestyle options. Our R&D team has seen the rise of people’s curiosity in researching and finding products that will benefit the earth and their life simultaneously.

As we are located in Indonesia, one of the most important products in an Indonesian household is rice, particularly white rice. Learning that Konnyaku has been one of the most loved substitutes for rice elsewhere, our team did the research and found out that there is a vast development of Konjac harvest in Indonesia.

Thus, we went back to the roots and talked to farmers and the local community as well as farm experts about Konjac. In fact, our R&D team found out that the konjac gum flour itself is beneficial for so many different applications, not only Konjac Rice or Konnyaku itself.

Hence, the process of our factory right now focuses on making it highly equipped with systems that will enable the highest quality of Konjac plant processing to Konjac Gum Flour.