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Dedicated to deliver high-end food ingredient.

Striving in the food-based processing industry, by providing high end Ingredients using cutting edge technology and high grade raw materials.

Who are We

With a headquarters located in CBC, and factory located at Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. We are a company that engaged in the food-based processing industry, specifically Konjac Roots (Amorphophallus Mueller).

Produk Kami


High Quality Konjac Chips,  Sliced and Processed From High Quality Konjac Provided by our partners

Konjac Glucomanan

Rezka’s Very own Glucomanan Flour where it has 90% Glucomanan Content

Tepung Konjac

Konjac Flour have a Glucomannan content of about 70-80%

Latest News

Mengenal Konjac

What is Konjac? Why is it the core of our business? What Product can we make with it? Get to know more of our company by a quick lesson in what a konjac is.

Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Lokal

Lombok as an area relies heavily on agriculture as its main contributors to the local economy. Currently focuses on coffee, coconut, vanilla, cotton, chocolate and tobacco processing.

Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Lokal

Push a circular economy within the area, in this case Lombok.
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Konjac, Accelerating Agriculture

"The Food of the future". Even if it is called so, Konjac is actually introduced in 1975 as a profitable crop to the Asian community.

Konjac, Accelerating Agriculture

Introduced in 1975, is now called "The Food Of The Future"
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