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Welcome to a world of endless possibilities for your business with our exceptional Glucomannan Powder and Konjac Flour.

Our products are the embodiment of versatility, quality, and innovation, poised to transform your creations into industry-leading successes.

Tepung Konjac

Derived from Porang Tubers, Konjac Flour is a hydrocolloid Polysaccharide dietary fiber known for its high Glucomannan content of approximately 70-80%, obtained without any chemical purification process.

Tepung Glucomannan

Obtained through a chemical purification method from Konjac Flour, Glucomannan Powder boasts an impressive 90% Glucomannan content.

At the heart of our offerings is Glucomannan, a remarkable dietary fiber extracted from Konjac Flour. With a focus on quality and purity, we utilize both natural and chemical purification methods to bring you the finest Glucomannan Powder available



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