Rezka Nayatama


The Pandemic Aftermath – Konjac Market

Amidst the pandemic, people have shifted their focus and lifestyle towards a more healthy and balanced diet. Thus, the overall food ecosystem has been entirely impacted. As the COVID-19 have higher risk towards people with previously diagnosed diseases, such as excessive weight and unhealthier lifestyle, the need for a healthy alternative have significantly increased. 

With its potential of being a treatment for diabetes and obesity, the request and demand for Konjac export have also gradually increased. Not only for food ingredients but also for biomedical applications and drug delivery. 

As the potential of Konjac plantation and producers in Indonesia are high, by trying to fulfill the demand of this market will definitely increase both points that we have mentioned in previous editorials, including local economy empowerment and accelerating agriculture. As the size will likely to grow continuously over 2021-2027, we know that by studiously implementing ways to enhance the process and quality of Konjac production will subsequently increase different parts of Indonesia’s livelihood.